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Here on our website is a snap-shot about our schools, our vision and mission, our inspiration, our epics from the past, present and future, our facilities, our policies and everything else you need to know about how appropriate an environment Aura Edify is for your child.

You will find our schools providing a value enriched environment for student learning, living and wellbeing. We enable our learners to embrace mutual respect, offering a hand that reaches out. Here, the potential for children is unlimited.

You are welcome also for a personalized tour not only to see our beautiful schools but also to connect yourself to the unique milieu at Aura Edify.

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Learning becomes monotonous and rigorous without games, physical exercise and drill. Hence, games are a regular feature in our curriculum. In addition to this, aerobics and swimming have assumed a prominent place in our activities, which children really enjoy. Keeping in view the interest of children, a variety of interesting sports have been added in our co-curricular activities as Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Skating, Badminton etc. Equal importance is given to indoor games like Carom, Chess etc.

In recent years school curriculums have expanded to meet the needs of children preparing for a challenging new world and developing them as global citizens. Aura Edify Global School practices this ideology with a strong focus on activities outside of the classroom that contribute to the intellectual, emotional, cultural, physical and social development of our children and provide balance in their daily lives.

The role of the parent in Aura Edify Global School approach to children is very important. Since there are certain fundamental principles that can help all parents, these points were developed with the suggestions and comments of our parents and teachers. Parent–teacher collaboration is essential to the Aura Edify Global School approach to learning.

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